Sunday, August 14, 2011

Remember Iowa in Winter

Some neighbors are moving to Hawaii later this month, due to job demands. Must be tough to HAVE to move to Hawaii for one's job!!! Anyway, I wanted to give them something as a farewell gift, and found a cross-stitch and bead kit of birch trees, snowflakes and a cardinal. Don't want them to forget what winter in Iowa is like!

Fall Harvest

Well, it's not really fall yet, but my balcony garden has been productive.  We had a few weeks of really hot weather, which pretty quickly ended the salad greens, and meant I had to water daily.  My tomato plant produced quite a few tomatoes, but they were all pretty tiny (smaller than the size of roma tomatoes) so I'm not sure what the problem is.  Also have parsley and chives and green onions. 

Afternoon of Fun

On Sunday afternoon, July 31st, we went to see the UI School of Music present The Mikado.  I had figured I'd end up going by myself, but my friend Dennis wanted to come along (I was surprised!).  It was great fun.  I knew many of the songs (If you want to know who we are, we are gentlemen of Japan; Three little maids from school are we; Titwillow, etc.) but had never before seen the complete production.  And something I had not expected, the words to the songs appeared above the stage!  I guess you would call them supra-titles as opposed to sub-titles. 

The Director added a vaudevillian twist to the operetta, which made it quite funny.