Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My stitching comes too

I discovered a website called "Stash Unload," where people sell their unwanted needlework patterns. Of course, I'm trying to reduce my stash, not enlarge it, but it never hurts to look, does it?  LOL.  So, at the same time I'm mailing off boxes of stitching supplies to Fireside Stitchery which will post it on Ebay for me, I'm also looking at what new things I can buy from other people trying to reduce their stash!!  I did find a cute pattern for a project keeper and needle case, which I have finished stitching. This is a design called, "Travelling Stitcher" by Little House Needleworks.

After almost a year of not finding any interesting plays to attend, I learned that Coralville's City Circle Acting Company would be performing "1776."  It was delightful!  Next season looks to be much better, with "Fiddler on the Roof," and "Annie Get Your Gun," among others.

And my latest on-line stitching course is "Patriotic Sparklers #2," taught by Margaret Bendig, sponsored by EGA.  You may remember that last year, I took the first class, "Patriotic Sparklers #1."

The Platinum Needle Odyssey

I've been stitching with platinum needles for perhaps twenty-five years.  In my early stitching days, I never thought there was a difference in the type of needle, but a teacher in one of my classes recommended platinum needles as the very best.  I gave them a try, figuring I wouldn't notice a difference, but lo and behold, they were the best!  They are also very expensive!  Instead of six needles for a couple of bucks, they started out at a couple of bucks apiece.  Then, the prices gradually increased to about $3.50 each, and most recently $4 a needle. At those prices, when you drop a needle, you go hunting for it, you can't afford to lose too many.

Where does the odyssey part come in?  Well, the story goes like this:  Supposedly the one company making platinum needles had one (and only one) gentleman who knew how do to the platinum plating process.  He retired, and no one else was able to or wanted to do the platinum plating, so they quit making platinum needles.  Quel dommage!  The stores carrying platinum needles quickly ran out, and I was thinking I would have to give gold needles a try.  In my odyssey, every time I went to a needlework vendor's website, I looked for platinum needles, without success.

Then one day, I struck gold, or in this case platinum.  I ran across a website that offered them for sale. But, one more hurdle, they were a wholesaler, not a retailer.  So I had to find a retailer.  I emailed The Fiberworks in Waverly, asking Karol if she would be willing to special order some platinum needles for me - and guess what!  Another customer had wanted some so she had already placed an order and had some in stock!  Yippee!  I'm back in business.  Apparently, the wholesaler bought all the remaining stock of platinum needles from the needle company and is now selling them.  So, since I want platinum needles I need to stock up now, because the remaining stock won't last too long.

Bookmarks and More Bookmarks

For some reason, I was in the mood to stitch bookmarks.  I found a pattern booklet of multiple bookmarks, "Read Between the Lines," by Blue Ribbon Designs.  Here are three examples.

And while I was thinking of bookmarks, I ran across a pattern from Stoney Creek, and some bright colored fabric.  Our church gives Bibles to second graders each May, and I decided I would stitch some bookmarks to be given to the children along with their new Bibles.  I picked six bright colors, and  adapted the design from Stoney Creek.  Inserted into the plastic sleeve along with the bookmark were the lyrics to "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know."  I stitched six bookmarks (neglecting to take a photo before I dropped them off at church).  Here are the first two stitched ahead for next year.

While I was in the mood for stitching small items, I also completed "This is my Joy" designed by Little House Needleworks.  A quick little nativity scene that I can make into an ornament.