Friday, May 29, 2015

Max is up to his same old tricks

Oh, the joys of living with a cat.   One day I was drinking some Strawberry Crush, with a glassful on my side table.  Up jumped Max, and as I grabbed the glass to keep Max from spilling it, between the two of us we ended up spilling the red drink on my living room rug.  I tried to clean it up right away, but I still have some red spots on my rug; fortunately, they aren't "too" noticeable.

And, what do you make of this - do you think Max really thinks he's hiding?  I have a red throw rug in the doorway to my sewing room, and a blue throw rug in the doorway to my bedroom, and he seems to take turns crawling under them, though the messed-up rug is usually the only evidence that he's been there.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You wouldn't think needleworkers would fun afoul of the federal government, but...

My latest project is called "Ariadne" by Stitchplay Designs (Carole Lake and Michael Boren). This is another on-line class and it came in a variety of different colorways.  While some thread manufacturers simply number their different thread colors, the Caron company also names their colors.  So, among the colorways was "Green Tea/Kelp," in shades of green, "Amethyst/Olive Grove" in light purple and olive green, and so on.  The colorway I chose was "Elderberry Wine/Havana."  As you can guess, "Elderberry Wine" is a purple and dark blue; "Havana" also has some purple, but it has a lighter blue shading into a yellow green. And this is where the class ran afoul of the federal government.

Some of the students chose to pay for their class via PayPal, and PayPal put a hold on those payments "due to federal regulations."  It turns out that somewhere along the line, someone at PayPal thought the stitchers were trying to illegally import Elderberry Wine from Cuba!  Once Carole Lake talked to PayPal, things were quickly straightened out and the class proceeded.

And here is my completed Ariadne, done in the Elderberry Wine/Havana colorway.  Yet to do are Daphne and Arabella, the other two pieces in this triology.

As for recently finished stitching, I have completed "Choices," by Pat Mazu, which was the May educational program for CyberPointers.  The "Choices" involved two versions of a stocking, plus a rectangular version.  This is the Option #2 that I stitched.  The primary overdyed thread is Colour Complements #109 (no name, just a number).   When I shared my stocking with Lorraine of Colour Complements. she was so impressed she wants to share it on her blog!

And, my first use of Colour Complements overdyed thread was "Alpine Summer," by Carolyn Mitchell Designs.  It's a two-sided ornament; I substituted a stitched Rhodes heart in the center for the crystal that the designer used.