Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hair and Things

I suppose, since I just recently finished stitching a Hippie design, it only made sense to go see "Hair" at our local community theater.  I had been so looking forward to it and had been singing to myself "this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius," for several days.  The play did not disappoint.  There was a disclaimer outside the door that this was intended for mature audiences, which I thought kind of funny since I don't think anyone except those of us "of a certain age" would even be interested in seeing the play.  The younger generations would not know about The Draft, and draft cards, and the significance of burning draft cards.  Not to mention the reference to Green Stamps!

And while I was singing "Aquarius" to myself, I had forgotten some of the other great songs: Donna Oh Donna Oh Oh Donna Oh Oh Oh, and Manchester England England.

I had not seen the play before but had seen the movie.  Thinking the play couldn't be that different from the movie, I filled Dennis in on the plot, only to discover all I did was lead him astray.  In the play, the Claude character is one of the tribe and is struggling over whether to report for duty or whether to flee to Canada,  In the movie, the Claude character is a straight-laced outsider who comes across the tribe when he's visiting Central Park before he reports to boot camp.

After the play, I hunted for my CD of Hair, which I couldn't find, so I ended up ordering another one. And I dug out my Sony Walkman portable CD player - I know, really old technology, but it still works!

And I've got a stitching finish to report.  I've finished the Sudoku Delights needlepoint on-line course. It was very enjoyable.
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