Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Best Laid Plans, or What's In a Name?

Our local Blue Ribbon ANG chapter has planned an exhibit for an area library, showing examples of a wide variety of types of stitching.  We headed to the library this afternoon, with tote bags and roller bags loaded with stitched examples to choose from, and planning to spend several hours putting together our display.  Only to find out that the person in charge of library displays had neglected to tell the staff on site that we had permission to install our exhibit.  So, back home we went with our tote bags and roller bags.  We'll try again in October.

Here are a couple of examples of the things I will be contributing.

Jazz Square, a Blue Ribbon Chapter project, each of us selecting different colors

Winter Snowflakes, a free pattern from Caron Threads that was a project for CyberStitchers
As for what's in a name.  Our ANG area representative came from Chicago to give us our official charter as an ANG chapter.  Only trouble was, the charter listed us as the Bluebonnet Chapter, not the Blue Ribbon Chapter!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Adventures in Dying Thread

A number of years ago, at one of the annual stitching festivals, I took a class in hand dying fabric and thread.  I have started stitching on one of my dyed fabric pieces, and I still have the other examples tucked away for future use.

My most recent experience with thread dying, however, was unplanned.  Here's my new recipe:

1) Pour some red fruit punch and put the glass on the side table.
2) Stitch some snow on a winter scene using off-white "parchment" colored thread
3) Add the thread to the side table.
4) Mix in one cat.

Here's the result:

Hand (er "paw") dyed thread using spilled fruit punch

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Christmas at Easter

We had a belated Christmas at Easter time as I finally had some finished (completely finished!) ornaments to give.  These ornaments are in memory of Mom.  Grammy was committed to (passionate about, obsessed with) the AOPi sorority.  She served as National President at one point and attended national meetings into her 90's.  That meant, perforce, that even though Mom was never really interested in AOPi on her own, she nevertheless had to be as the daughter of her mother.

I found the AOPi ornaments on line.  A company called Kangaroo Paw Designs, is licensed to design sorority and fraternity needlepoint canvasses.

Heart ornaments for my brothers
The plaid ornament is based on Mom's birthday (11/25/24).  Since AOPi's colors are red and white, that limited the plaid a bit.  If you look closely, you'll see the plaid is composed of: 1 row of shiny white, 1 row of shiny red, 2 rows of matte white, 5 rows of matte red, 2 rows of  matte white, 4 rows of matte red.
Angel ornament for Dad
The ornaments were finished by Connie Finck, a local finisher.

How Many Boards Can a Board Member Serve...

if a board member could serve boards?

I seem to keep getting busier and busier in my retirement days.  I first joined the Stewardship Committee at my church; that was before retirement.  And then I joined my Women's Circle at church, serving as lesson leader a couple of times a year.

Next came serving on the board of my condo owners association.  I knew they were having trouble attracting members, so I volunteered to serve on the board.  They led, at the second meeting I attended, to my becoming President by default.

I volunteered to be Outreach Coordinator for my online ANG Chapter, CyberPointers.  And I'm serving as Vice President for Membership for my face-to-face ANG Chapter, Blue Ribbon.

The latest, which is the most difficult piece, is serving as Vice President and Internet Vice President of my online EGA Chapter, CyberStitchers.  And when the WebMaster quit, I became Webmaster by default.  I'm spending a lot of time trying to figure things out.

Uff dah!

Of course, Miss Molly has been around to help.  I finally purchased a desk-top organizer to try to keep my various board papers organized.  Miss Molly has decided it's a great place to curl up and supervise my work.

Lest you think I don't have time to stitch, here is my latest endeavor.

Designed by Marie Driskill, Blackberry Lane Designs

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Christmas 2017

A trip to Dubuque for Christmas dinner and gift exchange.  Now that gifts have been given, I can share photos.

On our cruise, one of the channels on the TV was Disney Junior.  Periodically between cartoons, the channel featured "Muffalo Potato," who was a sock puppet.  With his human companion, John, they taught kids how to draw using just numbers and letters.  Being the cruise channel, the drawing lessons encompassed a dolphin, a whale, a sea turtle, and an octopus.  I found this octopus online and stitched him up as a cruise memory for Dennis.

One of my online classes this past year was "Autumn Crackers," designed and taught by Marilyn Owen.  I have stitched two of the four so far, and finished them into ornaments rather than crackers.  I gave the pumpkin ornament to my sister-in-law and the owl to my Dad.

My major Christmas-gift stitching will wait until Easter.  My brother in Germany will be back for a visit then.  He usually comes in the fall, and we have Christmas early.  This year, we're having Christmas at Easter time, which works out well since I would not have had time to finish the items for giving at Christmas.   The stitching is now done, and the pieces are soon off to the finisher.

The finish I am most proud of this year was "Elegance Cubed" by Kurdy Biggs.  I switched  the background color to blue.  This was my first 3-D endeavor, and the first project I've done that was so heavily beaded (beads upon beads upon beads).  It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Monday, October 23, 2017

A lot of small projects

For some reason, I've been working on small projects lately.  I just sent off in the mail three Christmas ornaments which I stitched as a member of the CyberStitchers Chapter of the EGA.  These are going to an auction to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

And, enough of Christmas.  I found two ornament kits on Ebay, with threads in an autumn color palette.  Here's the first one.  I have also ordered threads to stitch this in a Christmas color palette.

"Framed: Sisley" from Kick Back & Stitch
And in amongst the stitching projects, we went to see "The King and I."

Daisies and Nitclubs

I purchased a new receiver for my TV/stereo system several months ago, and it and I are not getting along.  For some reason, on some channels or some shows, the background music overwhelms the dialogue. I've tried all the adjustments I can find, to no avail.  I finally decided to turn on my closed captioning so I could watch those programs when I could not clearly hear the dialogue.  I've discovered that some closed captioning is better than others.

My father mentioned once that he doesn't really care for closed captioning because it moves so quickly that it's hard to keep up.  Another problem, I've discovered, is that the captioning can be quite garbled and nonsensical.  Case in point: a character says, "These days he's..."  The captioning reads, "These daisies..."  So not only do you have to read quickly, you have to try to decipher what was really meant.  The one captioning flub that made me laugh was when a character talked about a nightclub, and the captioning read "nitclub."  I wonder if nitclubs are where lice go to unwind after a hard day.

I got a lot of stitching done following the cruise.  I had taken stitching along, but never got it out, just dragged it along.  This Curly Girl Design kit by Mill Hill was one of the pieces that went halfway across the world before I finally started it back home.

"Someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows"
Another piece is Patriotic Heart by Gay Ann Rogers.

Stitched piece

Piece finished into an ornament
And while I was on a Gay Ann Rogers kick, I also did this two-sided ornament/banner, "Joy to the World."

Stitched front and back

Finished banner ornament

And speaking of Christmas, I dug out a piece I had started many months (years?) ago but never finished.  Finally, it's done!

Nature's Joy, from Treasury of Cross-Stitch Ornaments