Thursday, August 15, 2013

Uh, Did You Want to Finish the Stitching Before Framing It?

Well, another week another play - no, it just seems that way.  The end of July we went to opening night of "Rent."  We normally go to Sunday matinees, but this time Sunday did not work for us.   The auditorium was packed, lots of applause, and a standing ovation at the end!  I had not seen the play before, and was expecting a musical, though not an opera.  Nor was I expecting it to be as sad as it was.

And my "blooper" of the week:  I gave two pieces of needlework to my framer (Claim to Frame).  I have worked with Cathy for many years; she used to have a store front in town, but now works out of her home.  Several days after I gave her the pieces, she contacted me - uh, did I want to finish the stitching on one piece before she framed it?  I thought I had finished the piece and put it away in my stack of FUFOs (Finished but Unframed Objects).  But, I had stitched the top row only about a third of the way across!

I finished the stitching, and realized I had also forgotten to add my initials and date to the piece, so I did that too.  This is a block of four Farmer's Market charts by SamSarah.

One of the stitching email lists I belong to asked for photos of "stitching buddies."  That made me realize I hadn't posted any photos of Mr. Max lately.  Here is one of him sitting in my stacked clothes dryer.  In the winter when it's a bit chilly, he likes to jump into the dryer at the end of the cycle and burrow into the warm laundry as I'm trying to remove it.

On a more stitching related note, here he is digging through my organizer.  He especially likes to pull out my packets of needles (they make a crinkly noise) and highlighter markers (they roll around the floor).

And, when I'm working on the computer, he decides on the time limit.  He starts out sitting on the table beside my mouse, but when he thinks I've done enough work, he moves and sprawls across the keyboard.