Friday, May 29, 2015

Max is up to his same old tricks

Oh, the joys of living with a cat.   One day I was drinking some Strawberry Crush, with a glassful on my side table.  Up jumped Max, and as I grabbed the glass to keep Max from spilling it, between the two of us we ended up spilling the red drink on my living room rug.  I tried to clean it up right away, but I still have some red spots on my rug; fortunately, they aren't "too" noticeable.

And, what do you make of this - do you think Max really thinks he's hiding?  I have a red throw rug in the doorway to my sewing room, and a blue throw rug in the doorway to my bedroom, and he seems to take turns crawling under them, though the messed-up rug is usually the only evidence that he's been there.

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