Saturday, February 4, 2012

Customer service is not customer service

 On November 10th, our ship docked in Aqaba, Jordan.  We had made arrangements ahead of time to disembark the ship for two nights so we could meet my younger brother, stay overnight in a hotel at Petra, and see some of the sights at which he had done archeological digging.

We were told by the customer service people on the ship that those of us who were disembarking would be the first off the ship once it docked (NOT!).  We waited and waited and waited for over three hours as people kept saying "another 20 minutes." 

Finally, we got our passports returned to us so we could leave the ship, met up at the bus station at Aqaba and saw the site of the first Christian church,
Sign letting us know this is the site of the first Christian Church
The remains of the church

Remains of the Roman wall near the Christian Church site in Aqaba

 We then headed by rental car to Petra, stopping at the Humayma archeological site.

Humayma site

Lone donkey visiting the Humayma site while we were there
Mountains from which water (at a trickle) was drawn for the Humayma fort

John, Dennis and Rob

Humayma complete with litter in the foreground
On the way between Humayma and Petra, we stopped at what Rob called his favorite view.  He was obviously not the one person who liked the view since there was a gas station and gift shop set up in a wide spot of the road.

Linda and John taking pictures, Rob enjoying the view

We arrived at Petra, checked in to the Petra Moon Hotel, had dinner at the hotel, then headed to bed to rest up for our trek through the Petra historical site tomorrow.  

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