Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Petra

I had never heard of "Little Petra."  On November 12th, we checked out of the Petra Moon Hotel, and headed to Little Petra.   It is believed the camel caravans actually stopped here to unload their goods, rather than going into the downtown heart of the city of Petra itself.

The three of us kids, Rob, John and me, at Little Petra 
All of us (from left): John, Linda, Rob, Dennis, Renee

Then the long downhill drive on a winding mountain road to the Dead Sea area, where we stopped at the archeological site of Lot's Cave.

The walk up to Lot's Cave, John near the top, Dennis in the middle, and Rob near the bottom
View of the Dead Sea from parking lot of Lot's Cave site

Then back to Aqaba, quick sightseeing at the Archeological Museum.

Courtyard of Archeological Museum in Aqaba

 Then to the border crossing into Eilat, Israel, so we could get back on the ship.  Crossing into Israel was relatively easy, once we obtained the money we needed to get out of Jordan, but Israeli immigration at the dock was not very amenable to letting us get back on the ship, wanting to know why had we missed the boat in Aqaba, how long our brother had lived in Jordan, who our brother had talked with and introduced us to, why we had not wanted to take the shore excursion to Eilat, etc., etc.  Finally, though, we were allowed back on board. Whew!

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