Monday, April 14, 2014

Winter drags on

More wintery weather, more snow, so guess what - more stitching!

Floral Ribbons, by Laura J. Perin, from Needlepointers magazine

Four different colored versions of Diamond Elegance II,
by Barbara Richardson from Needlepointers magazine
March was also a month for movies.  We saw "Monuments Men," which I thought was very good.  I had held off on seeing the movie because the reviews I read were that the movie could have been great but was not very good.  But I enjoyed it.  We also saw the "Lego Movie," which was fun.  Neither of us guessed what the "piece of resistance" was before they revealed it at the end.

We also saw the stage play, "Absurd Person Singular."  What a play!  It was ostensibly a farce, and had lots of funny dialogue and scenes, but underneath all the farce was a pretty heart breaking story.  The play follows three couples (an architect and his wife, a banker and his wife, and a contractor and his wife) as they get together over three successive Christmas Eves.  First off, the contractor couple is hosting the architect couple and banker couple, who really look down their noses at the contractor.  The next Christmas Eve, the hot-shot architect's building has collapsed, so he has to go begging to the contractor for work,  while he's still looking down his nose at the contractor.  The third Christmas Eve finds the banker pretty much without funds and relying on the contractor to run his business through the bank, and still (guess what!) looking down his nose at the contractor.

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