Monday, April 14, 2014

Literature in various forms

Starting March 31st, I'm participating in a six-week (two-hour) class on "Othello."  We discuss the play, and watch clips from various films and stage plays, to see how different actors portrayed the same scene, often quite differently.

We also attended an evening of Poe, during which students in a literature course read various Poe short stores and poems, most notably "The Tell-Tale Heart, "Masque of the Red Death," and "The Raven." The session made me want to dig out my "Poe's Complete Works," and do some re-reading.

On Palm Sunday, after church, we went to see the local community theater's production of "Jesus Christ Superstar," which I had not seen before.  It was outstanding!!  The actors received a standing ovation and applause that went on and on.

The play was updated to include people tweeting and taking "selfies" with Jesus, and King Herod conducting an on-line survey about Jesus.

My latest finish is "Spring Fling" by Laura J. Perin Designs.  Do you get the feeling I like her work? This was a free pattern that Fiberworks in Waverly, Iowa, sent with their latest newsletter.

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