Monday, February 23, 2015

How Did I Ever Find Time To Work

Well, I've signed up for multiple on-line stitching classes for the coming months:
  • First off, I'm participating in the ANG "Stitch of the Month" project.  This started January 1st and will be a three-dimensional water lily (assuming I finish!)  A new stitch is introduced each month, over the course of the year.
  • Next, we have a mystery sampler, "Starstruck," by Kathy Rees.  I've taken her "Inchies" class and "Sudoku Delight" class in the past.  This time, we don't know what the project looks like, it's a mystery.  We could pick what colors we wanted to work in and won't find out what the completed sampler looks like until the end.  We had our first lesson February 1st and will end July 31st.
First Lesson of Starstruck Mystery Sampler
  • Then EGA offered a "Patriotic Sparklers" class that started today.  It's six small projects done in red, white and blue.  The class will be done in six weeks.
  • Next, we have "Shady Colors," by Carole Lake and Michael Boren.  The very first online class I took was their "Stella Polaris" project, which I liked so much I did the piece twice in different colors.  This time, I picked gray and silver as my color choice.  This class starts March 1st and ends May 1st.
First Lesson of Shady Colors
  • I figured that was plenty of stitching, but no, along came another online class that I couldn't pass up: "Explorations" by Debbie Rowley.  That class starts in April and goes through June. Mix in other projects, large and small, and I think I'll have a busy spring into summer!

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