Monday, February 23, 2015

Remembrances of Things Past

A trip to Dubuque for Christmas Day, with roast beef dinner at the assisted living facility, followed by opening of gifts.  Last year I gave Mom and Dad some assorted candies, this year I went for salty snacks.  Plus springerle cookies "imported" all the way from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I discovered Springerle House at the farmer's market across from the hotel in Lancaster where Stitching Jubilee was underway.  It's a great farmer's market, and the springerle cookies are excellent!  Fortunately they do mail order, so in December I order some for myself and some as Christmas gifts.

This would have been my 45th wedding anniversary; my husband and I were married on Christmas Eve in 1969.  So, the holidays had a somber note for me this year due to this milestone.  I remember when Stan was dying back in 2007, the on-call chaplain who arrived in the hospital room in the middle of the night, asked how long we had been married.  My response:  "thirty-seven years...but not long enough."  Some days it is still an effort to get through the day without him.

But on to more cheerful things.  I ended up finishing several stitching pieces.  First up is a chart I purchased at the ANG Seminar in Chicago.  The designer's name should be familiar - I've done a number of her designs.

Nordic Valentine by Laura J. Perin Designs
 Next is a smaller piece, a needlecase.  Here are the stitched front and back, ready to be assembled.   Textile Heritage makes a "Violets" series and a "Lily of the Valley" series of small accessories: needlecase, bookmark, sachet, and scissor keep.  I earlier completed stitching on and posted a photo of the "Lily of the Valley" scissor keep.  Here is the Violets needlecase.
Violets Needlecase by Textile Heritage

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