Thursday, July 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

I belong to a Mystery Book Club at our local library.   We meet monthly, and our latest book is "Aunty Lee's Delights," by Ovidia Yu.  It's set in Singapore, and has glimpses of Singaporean culture sprinkled in, which is very interesting.  But there was one paragraph that really struck me:

"As far as Aunty Lee was concerned, people ought to go through the ideas they carried around in their heads as regularly as they turned out their store cupboards.  No matter how wisely you shopped, there would be things in the depths that were past their expiration dates or gone damp and moldy--or that had been picked up on impulse and were no longer relevant.  Aunty Lee believed everything inside a head or cupboard could affect everything else in it by going bad or just taking up more space than it was worth."

I had never thought about that before.  What a concept!

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