Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How many grocery bags does one need

I'm currently working on two on-line classes.  One is called "Daisy Chains" by Laura J. Perin.  You should recognize her name by now, she's one of my favorite designers.  I love the colors, all yellow and green, very spring-like.
Two sessions completed - halfway done
I've also started work on "18th Century Sampler" by SJ Designs.  I have struggled getting started on this one.  I first tried tone-on-tone gray, and decided that was way too blah.  Then I tried light pink on wine-colored fabric, that seemed way too glaring.  Then, another student posted a photo using overdyed  threads, and the light bulb went on.  I had initially discounted using overdyes as distracting from the lacy effect of the stitches, but the other student's work was inspiration enough.  I know have the very first block done (many more to come).  And I think, rather than distracting, the overdyed thread actually enhances the lacy stitches.

First square done

First row of five squares done
The chuckle for the day occurred at the grocery store.  I had stopped by for a loaf of bread, and picked up some Twizzlers licorice, a small box of Good and Plenty candies, and a single serving of a desert.  Yes, I know, not much of a balanced diet.  Anyway, as I was checking out, the cashier asked if it was OK if she put all the items in one bag.  What?  Why would I need multiple bags for four very small and lightweight items?

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