Saturday, October 29, 2016

With first class you get bananas

We splurged on our trip to Richmond, flying first class.  This was our first foray into first class, other than one time many years ago when a flight was over-booked and we ended up in vacant seats in first class.  Anyway, I decided I wanted the more comfortable seats and more leg room, which were worth every penny.  And the snacks are upgraded, with an assortment of regular sized snack bags of chips, popcorn, granola bars, cookies, and fresh fruit, and we could choose two snacks.  That's where the bananas come in.  Bananas were available on every leg of our flight.  What I had not expected is that our checked bags (which were free for first class passengers) would get first class service as well. Not only were we first on/first off, but our bags were first off the plane as well.

I was able to quickly finish two pieces from Spirit of Cross Stitch.  One was "Sweet Little Christmas Stocking Ornament" designed by Jean Farish.  This was one of the classes I attended.

The second piece was from a class I was not able to attend, due to scheduling conflicts with another class.  But, fortunately, kits were available for purchase at the vendor mart.  This is a topper for a tin box, designed by Louise Henderson of Cherished Stitches.  This was stitched on 32-count linen (32 threads to the inch), which I had not attempted before. My normal choice of fabric is 25-count!  But thanks to cataract surgery, I was able to manage (under my magnifying lamp, of course).

And the third piece, not from Spirit of Cross Stitch, is something I've had in my "to do" pile for awhile. I had initially thought it was small enough to be a bookmark, but it's not quite that small.  Just a very small sampler,  "A Flower in its Pot Sampler" by Gay Ann Rogers.

I'm now working on Terry Bay's Nine Patch Tray from Spirit of Cross Stitch class.  I was waiting for some variegated threads to arrive from my favorite thread vendor, Colour Complements in Canada. As soon as they arrived, I started in.  Here are the first four patches done.  Five more to go.

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