Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Edgar Allan Poe and His...Crow?

I belong to several Facebook stitching groups.  People post photos of their stitching, ask questions, seek advice, etc.  Well, yesterday, someone posted a photo of a needlepointed portrait of Edgar Allan Poe, complete with raven on his shoulder.  It was quite interesting, but even more interesting was one of the comments, "Love the crow!"  Crow?  I just shook my head.

She must have been referring to Poe's earlier version of his poem, now lost to posterity, in which "quoth the crow nevermore."

I've gotten two autumn ornaments stitched and actually finished, for the CyberStitchers ornament tree for the EGA Auction at Seminar.

"Gingerbread Quilt" from The Victoria Sampler

"Falling Leaves" by Jennifer Rodriquez, finished onto a miniature horn book
Our latest play was "The Importance of Being Earnest," put on by the University of Iowa Summer Rep.  It was quite fun.  We've always enjoyed going to Summer Rep, but the program has been on hiatus for several years to allow for remodeling following the flood of 2008.  We were glad to see the program back.  Unfortunately, in their remodeling of "infrastructure," they did not redo the seats.  My seat had lost most of its stuffing, and the woman sitting next to me found a big tear in her seat covering.

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