Monday, June 12, 2017

Security Sandals

There's nothing quite like sharing a home with a young cat.  I have been in the habit of putting my newspapers, when I'm finished with them, and junk mail on the floor beside my living room chair, where I had been letting them pile up for a few days before gathering them up and taking them to the recycling bin in the basement.  Well, Molly decided it was great fun to jump onto the pile and scatter the papers all over the living room.

So, thinking to outsmart my cat, I found a cardboard box the right size, cut off the top flaps and began placing my papers in there.  Well, then Molly decided that box was a great place to curl up and nap. So now I have to make sure Molly is not in the box before I toss my papers in.

And speaking of security.  I've heard of security blankets, but not security sandals.  Molly has adopted a pair of my sandals.  She curls up on them and curls next to them.  I thought perhaps she figured out that I put my shoes on before I left the apartment so that was her way of keeping her eye on me while snoozing. But she doesn't seem to be interested in any other of my shoes.  So I'm not sure what the attraction is.

And got the last of the stitching done on The Victoria Sampler's "Gingerbread Garden Sampler."

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