Sunday, July 20, 2014

Life Stages

The Sunday after Easter we headed back to Dubuque, to help Dad empty the apartment, in preparation for moving into assisted living.  Mom moved into assisted living right before Thanksgiving, now it's Dad's turn.  The highlight of the packing and sorting was finding Mom's krum kage iron.   I had been hunting for it for some time, and Dennis was the one who found it, buried in the very back of a bottom cupboard in the kitchen.  I have Mom's recipe, so now it's time for me to try my hand at making krum kage.  Unfortunately, the iron won't work with my "new fangled" ceramic stove top, so I'll need to buy an "old fashioned" hot plate.  And, we're missing the wooden dowel to roll the cookies around, so I'll have to improvise in that regard.

Our local library holds free movie nights periodically, and in mid-May they sponsored "Argo," which I had not seen before.  The movie holds special interest because a long-time family friend was one of the Iran hostages.

Next on the schedule was a visit from my two brothers and sister-in-law on May 31st.  First up was a trip to the big Mennonite Relief Sale at the fairgrounds where we watched the quilt auction for a couple of minutes before heading to the plant sale and the food tents.  I purchased some fresh cheese curds. The purpose of the visit, besides getting together, was for us three "kids" to look through the memorabilia Mom had collected over the years, including her baby book, a scrap book from her trip overseas as a church youth leader, Mom and Dad's wedding album, lots and lots of photos.  Here we are, looking through the material.

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