Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Hippie's a Hippie No Matter How Old

My latest finish is a design by Barbara Ann Designs, "Be Hippie."  The saying originally said, "Don't worry, be hippie," but I didn't care for that for a number of reasons, including the fact that, at the time, we hippies were worried about a lot of things. I decided I wanted to change the hippie's hair color to gray and focus on something about aging.  I toyed with a number of different sayings, including "Hippie Power Lasts," or doing a play on the '60s (the 1960s and the 60's in terms of age) but finally decided on "a hippie stays groovy."

My next project is a Shining Needle Society on-line course, "Sudoku Delight."  It's composed of nine different stitches set in a Sudoku pattern.  Instructor is Kathy Rees, who taught the "Inchies" class I took last fall.

Beginning of Sudoku Delight
The American Needlepoint Guild seminar in Chicago is coming up the end of August.  I'm taking two classes, one of which has some "pre-work" required.  That's homework that needs to be done before class starts.  I'm waiting for the canvas and instructions to arrive in the mail, and will have to set "Sudoku Delight" aside for a few days.

"A Study in White" Whitework Sampler, by Pat Donaldson, for which pre-work is required
The other class I'm taking at ANG: "Bejeweled Tree Trio" by Libby Sturdy

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