Saturday, March 5, 2016

My new electric blanket came with a 20-pound weight

I like to snuggle under a heated blanket on these cold evenings, while watching TV or reading.  I had been using a heated throw which frustrated me because it just wasn't big enough.  If I wanted to cover my chest and shoulders, then my feet stuck out the bottom.  If I covered my feet, then my shoulders were cold.  So, I finally gave in and purchased a twin-sized electric blanket.

Of course, now it's way too big.  Which means the bottom of the blanket drags on the floor.  And guess who figured out quite quickly that there was now a warm spot on the floor, that he could sleep on or under, or wrapped up in.  So, when I would go to shift position, or move the blanket, there is now a nice 20-pound cat weighing it down.

My first finish of 2016 is "Stitching Feeds My Heart" by Silver Creek Samplers.  I changed the colors and the wording.  I really fell in love with this design, because stitching truly does feed my heart.

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