Saturday, March 5, 2016

When One Cement Mixer is Not Enough

One of our local hardware stores is going out of business, and we stopped by last week (after the initial rush of customers).  I picked up a pack of 9V batteries for my smoke detectors, and a tube of super glue.  Dennis, who was on the look-out for display cases and such, ended up buying not one but two portable cement mixers, and two heavy-duty moving dollies.

My latest finish is "Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm" by The Victoria Sampler.

I'm now starting on my latest on-line class, this is Patriotic Sparklers Part 2 by Margaret Bendig, through EGA.  You may remember that I posted about taking the Part 1 class last year.  At that time, we students liked the class so much we persuaded EGA and the teacher to teach Part 2.

And, an update on Tidal Textures.  This was a class I took at EGA Seminar in Myrtle Beach.  I first posted a photo of the painted canvas with shells scattered on it.  I now have accomplished quite a bit of stitching on the background water and sand for the tidal pool.  Lots more effort than this photo shows since I ripped stuff out two or three times as I went along - sometimes I liked the stitch but the color was off, at other times I liked the color but the stitch wasn't quite right.  I've set this aside and been working on other things, but one of these days will get back to it.

Progress on background stitching of sea and sand on Tidal Textures

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