Friday, January 4, 2013

A finish that took some doing

Several years ago, I started stitching the "Avalon Sampler" from the Heritage Collection by Else Williams.  It came as a kit, and as I stitched along, I realized I was running way way short of green floss.  But I didn't worry since they had provided the DMC numbers for the floss in the kit, and I figured I could just grab some more green out of my stash.  But no, when I pulled the green from my stash, I realized it did not match the color in the kit.  Nor did any DMC color match the green I needed.  And the kit was an old kit so I doubted the company could supply more floss, plus the company would need a sample of the thread and I had nothing left to send as a sample. I did some improvising, such as substituting my initials in blue for the flower and leaves on the lower left and did some other tricks, but I still ended up short on green.  I tried to stitch a flower where a leaf needed to be in the bottom left corner, but that stuck out like a sore thumb to me, so I just tossed the "completed"  piece aside.

Then one day, I thought of Ebay.  It didn't take long before I found the kit for sale, which I quickly purchased and promptly undid my flower and stitched in the leaf.  So, after a number of years,  I now have a finish I am proud of.  Now to get it framed.

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