Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Collecting Dust Bunnies

I now have a new cat.   I picked out a very personable and cuddly long-haired tabby from the local animal shelter and she immediately made herself at home in my condo.  The first evening, she spent time inspecting and going over every square inch of my floor, collecting dust bunnies from under the bed and the far reaches of my closets.  Once she was satisfied with the floor, she began inspecting the higher reaches (tables, chairs, bathroom and kitchen counters, etc.)  She is much smaller than Max was (her 8 1/2 lbs to his 22 lbs).
Molly holding down the various papers by my computer
One thing I've discovered is that when Molly hops into my lap, she doesn't want to curl up and snuggle.  She wants petting, NOW.  So I have to drop whatever I'm doing, which is usually needlework or reading, and give her my attention.  I found a "grooming mitt" which I can use to pet her and at the same time brush off the loose hair.  She seems to like it.

In the process of adjusting to a new cat, I have managed to get two small pieces (bookmarks) stitched.

"Bookworm" needlepoint pattern I converted to cross-stitch

"Anemones" pattern by Textile Heritage of Scotland

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