Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Good Night, Sweet Prince...

...and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. (Horatio in "Hamlet")

Well, sad news.  In late January, my elderly cat, Mr. Max, decided to quit eating his prescription dry food.  So we tried mixing it with wet food, going to prescription wet food, to no avail.  A trip to the vet revealed no obvious underlying medical problem (blood sugar, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function all normal).  He continued to lose weight and to eat less and less food.  We finally gave up on the prescription food, and focused on just getting him to eat anything, and for awhile he ate chicken and turkey baby food.  Then came dental work, in case his teeth were hurting him and causing him not to want to eat.  That worked for a few days.  Then we went to medicine to increase his appetite (which he fought tooth and nail against taking) and steroid cream that I could rub in his ear that he didn't mind so much.  Everything we tried worked for a few days but not long term.  He lost more and more weight, though was acting his normal self.

Finally the end came on March 22nd.

And the week before, March 16th, was the 10th anniversary of my husband's death.   So the time was doubly sad.

During these weeks, I didn't get much done with regard to stitching.  I was so focused on Max that I wasn't in the mood to do much else.

Sympathy card from veterinary clinic, signed by everyone

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