Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Early Stop on International Tour

We attended a concert by the Wartburg College Choir (in conjunction with the Mount Vernon High School Concert Choir).   I figured that they picked the Mt. Vernon location because it would attract people from both Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.  But it turns out the director of the Mt. Vernon High School choir is a Wartburg graduate and was quite a "star" at Wartburg.  The concert was jam packed; we arrived 15  minutes early and had to scrounge a seat along the side, where we had a good view of the conductor, but didn't see much of the choir.

What we didn't realize is that this concert was an early stop on Wartburg's spring international concert tour. With concerts in Minnesota and Iowa, the choir then heads at the end of April to multiple stops in Germany, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

And we attended a concert presentation of "My Fair Lady," similar to "South Pacific" which we saw last year.  What I call more than a concert, less than a play.  The orchestra sits on the stage, there is minimal dialogue, just enough to get us from song to song, and the only props were three chairs that were used on and off as people sat or stood, Eliza's jewelry that she gives back, and the pair of slippers she throws at Professor Higgins after the ball.

And a couple of small completed stitchings.

Just for Fun #1 Fiesta Flowers by The Sweetheart Tree
This bright purple fabric with neon threads was in my stash, it caught my eye one gray cloudy day.  And with enough fabric and thread left over to make a bookmark.
Several bookmarks ready to be finished

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