Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Change in Plans

We have been hearing news the last few days about fighting between the Gaza Strip and Israel.  We had been hoping things would settle down, but no avail, and in fact, we learn that Israel has decided to call up troops.  We are advised(no surprise!) that the ship will not make the scheduled two-day stop at Haifa.  We had planned to visit Nazareth, Galilee and Jerusalem.

We are supposed to be at sea on November 20th, en route to Israel, but instead stop at Rhodes.  We chose a bus tour around the island for our shore excursion.  John and Renee chose a hilly climb.  One of the highlights of the bus tour was supposed to be the Colossus of Rhodes, but what a disappointment. We didn't get closer than several blocks away, and our stop was only the few minutes our bus was stopped at a stop light.

St. John's Bay

View of the climb that John and Renee chose over the bus tour we selected

Returning to the ship

View from our balcony

The visit to Rhodes got me to thinking about the Rhodes stitch, and remembering that I have a Rhodes stitch pattern at home that I haven't started yet.  I'll  have to pull it out and get started.

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