Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Climbing to the Acropolis Twice in One Day

On November 14, we started on what was to be a "Holy Land" cruise.  An overnight flight to Athens was followed by a two-hour taxi ride to our hotel in stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Then we checked in to our hotel and headed to sleep.  The hotel had a rooftop terrace, from which we had a good view of the Acropolis, the city, and a park across the street.

On November 16, we headed out on foot to the acropolis, following the signs, only to discover that we had climbed to the back/side and not the entrance.  Back down to the entrance and then back up.

Cat napping on a motorcycle spotted on the way to the Acropolis
Whatever the person is doing inside, it has caught these cats' attention

The narrow and winding path
Finally, inside the entrance and on our way to the top

The Parthenon, undergoing rehab

On the way down

Of course, the way to and from the Acropolis is filled with tourist souvenir shops.  This one was selling ouzo in addition to souvenirs, and also advertised deserts.  I'm pretty sure they meant desserts, not deserts.

I did find a nice shop that sold "Greek Art Lace."  I purchased some olive oil soap (which I gave as Christmas presents), small decoratively stitched cloth bags, a kitchen set of towels and hot pads, and a tote bag.

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