Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The non-Holy Land cruise is over

The seas do calm down enough that the ship is able to dock in Italy.
View of the ship, our stateroom was on the 4th floor, with an obstructed balcony

We take a taxi ride to Rome, check in to our hotel and head out for sightseeing.  And it starts to rain and rain and rain.  Everywhere we have to make our way through a gauntlet of hawkers selling umbrellas.

We take the subway to the Spanish Steps, see the Trevi Fountain, eat lunch at the world's fanciest McDonald's (whose floors are incredibly slippery when wet!).  Renee wants to stop at the Christmas market, so we head that way, though nothing interests us,especially in the rain.  We stop at the Pantheon, then walk back to the hotel.

The Spanish Steps

Close up of Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Renee tossing a coin in Trevi Fountain

The Pantheon
Interior Views

Walking in the rain back to the hotel
We are soaked and head to our rooms, dripping water and leaving wet foot prints on the lovely hard wood floors.   I am quite thirsty and decide to pay the exorbitant price of $4.50 for a can of Coke from the room.  By the time we check out tomorrow, the cost of that can of Coke goes up from the price of $4.50 posted in the room to a whopping $10, due to "fees and taxes."  Unbelievable!

Me drinking that $10 can of Coke

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